H&M is releasing yet another brand collaboration tomorrow, this time with the upcoming Swedish brand Eytys. This collaboration is not to be confused with their big yearly luxury brand collaborations, but rather a smaller capsule collection. Eytys is a brand that offers fully gender-neutral clothes with a vibe of chicness, grunge, modernism and of course a hint of 80s pop culture. The brand has a vastly growing cult following and has even become a personal favourite of mine, mostly due to their Angels shoes, the brands current best seller(and the shoes that I always drool over but can't seem to buy). Eytys has grown a lot the past year and shows no signs of stopping.

H&M was quick to notice this potential and immediately reached out to them. They had initially planned on a shoe collab but after a brainstorming session, they came down to a whole collection.

As seen above, The collection will include: sneakers made out of leather, suede and canvas, a snakeskin and a patent jacket, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and jeans. An interesting touch to this is that it will also feature shoes and clothes for kids.

According to Elle Sweden, the collection can easily be mixed and matched so that everyone can express their own personality and style. Reptile patterns, lacquers and suede are combined with cotton garments with unique prints, while the color palette consists of petroleum green, yellow, beige, dark indigo and black.

All shoes also come in a specially designed cardboard box with a unique artwork created by Canadian artist Zoe Barcza, Some of her artwork below (Not the designs for the box).

The collection will have its worldwide release tomorrow on January 24 in selected stores and online. Prices will be between €14 and €145, super affordable!