So 2018 is finally coming to an end and as we have all seen, this year has been full of fashion surprises from all over the world. Everything from Céline losing its accent to Virgil Abloh becoming the creative director for Louis Vuitton menswear, this fashion year has been ground breaking, and so have the trends!

I’m going to be listing some of my favourite trends of the past months this year. This is not going to be the obvious trends like the cycling shorts, “logomania” and the chunky sneaker. These are subtle, yet, very trendy things that blew up this year and will probably continue on to the next year as well.

So the first trend is the one that I think most of us already know of since 2017 and it’s the matching suit. This is a trend i’ve been seeing a lot both in menswear and womenswear and I personally loved it the most on the Dior SS19 menswear collection by daddy Kim Jones. I think Dior had the best fit in terms of high fashion menswear suits, I just couldn’t get enough of the feminine touch to the whole collection.

Sadly, I never really found a nice fitting high fashion suit in women’s wear. Although, retail stores like Asos and fast fashion stores like Mango and Zara had some nice fitting ones. This is definitely a trend to stay and that I will be adding to my cart.

Next we have a trend that was pretty big during the summer and will probably come back for spring 2019, it’s the pvc or transparent bag trend. This summer trend was possibly started by the Céline transparent bag and it’s one that I actually thought about buying for a long time, I loved the fact that it could be turned into a statement piece by putting a magazine inside of it. Many different street style and luxury brands released their own versions of the trend, for example the one from Heliot Emil that is not as droopy as the one from Céline.

Another trend that is more recent, especially in women’s street fashion is the reflective jacket. These types of jackets have actually been around for long time (especially in menswear), for example, the ones from I. AM. GIA and Fila. All of a sudden they started appearing again from nowhere in fast fashion stores like misguided, boohoo and Pretty little thing etc.

My favorite is the Calvin Klein puffer down jacket since it isn’t cropped like the rest, but it’s also a bit more costly so I’ll just have to wait until I find an affordable without the same cheap look as the mainstream ones.

Next are my new favorite micro-glasses, a trend that we even saw during 2016. It’s the Christianah Jones slim shady glasses. I am pretty sure you’ve all have seen these go around on you Instagram feeds this year as every relevant influencers and models have them and I just cant get enough of them <3. They have been seen on Beyoncé, Bella Hadid, Ryan Destiny and so many other artist, models and influencers.

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